Questions to ask your Wedding photographer and our answers!

1) Do I get my images on CD? What about a copyright release?

- All our packages include high resolution files on CD with a printing release allowing you to reprint the photos whenever you would like. :)

2) Do you have back up equipment if something happens?

- Yes, we bring backup batteries, cameras, flashes, lens, & flash cards. If something unfortunate was to happen, it wouldn’t keep us from taking pictures.

3) How soon do I need to book my wedding with you? Do you require a retainer/deposit? Is it refundable?

- We will book weddings up to a year in advance. To hold your wedding date we require a $300 non-refundable retainer. When we save you wedding date, we are turning down other prospective clients. This is why the retainer is non-refundable.

4) When you say high resolution photos, what does that mean?

- This means the digital photos we provide you are good enough quality for you to enlarge your prints to an 8x10 or larger. When meeting with us, we provide examples of the quality printing you can expect with our digital files.

5) Is editing included?

- Most of it. We edit all photos for red eye, color correction etc for no charge. We will also include some artistic edits at our discretion, and a black and white copy of each photo.

6) How many images do we get?

- This varies from wedding to wedding. The size of the wedding and how much everyone likes being in front of the camera will determine the amount of photos we take. We don’t however put a cap on how many images, we take as many as we need to.

7) Do you have a back up photographer of similar quality & price if an emergency arises, and you are unable to photograph our wedding?

- If BOTH of us are incapacitated (in the hospital), and unable to photograph your wedding, we would try to provide you with another photographer at equal quality. OR a full refund of your package & retainer.

8) If my venue requires liability insurance are you able to provide it?

- Yes. We are able to provide a liability insurance certificate to your venue; the additional cost would be added to your overall price of the wedding package.

9) Do you cover the whole wedding? What if we needed you longer than we originally planned?

- We cover your whole wedding day up to 12 hours. This is usually plenty of time to cover the couple getting ready to an hour or so after the bouquet and garter are tossed. If we are needed longer, we can discuss this when planning for your special day.

10) How long until we receive our pictures after the wedding?

- It takes up to 12-16 weeks to edit your photos, and upload to a gallery. If you order prints or an album, it can take an additional 4-10 weeks for delivery and album design. But we try to get it all done for you as fast as we can, it varies depending on how busy we are. :)

If you have any other questions don't hesitate to contact us.

Boudoir FAQ

So what is Boudoir Photography?
Boudoir refers to "bedroom", so you could say this is really bedroom photography. This is a type of sensual and classy glamour photography, that happens to show a little extra skin. Most women choose Boudoir Photography because it's a fabulous gift to give to that special someone. The most popular is wedding boudoir photography, when a bride gives the groom a special sneak peak at whats to come on the honeymoon. But it is also a great experience. A time to pamper yourself, get all glammed up, and have a confidence building glamour shoot.

How old do I have to be to book a boudoir session?
18 and up...and up..and up. As long as your are 18 years or older their is no age limit.

Who should get boudoir photos done?
Everyone! We come in all shape's and sizes, but there's nothing better than feeling sexy. Married, engaged, dating, single, moms, petite, plus size...are all perfect examples. You definitely don’t have to be uber thin or have a Victoria’s Secret body to do this. It’s our job to accentuate your best features and downplay your….not so best features. :)

Do you photograph men and couples?
Boudoir's main clientele is women, but we do offer it for men and couples.

Do you take nude photographs? or implied nude?
If you would like these kind of photographs just let us know and we can do them, but its not required. During a personal boudoir session you can reveal as much or as little as your want to.

Do you do retouching?
We do retouch every photo you receive from your boudoir session, we want to make sure your confident in your photos.

What should I bring?
Everybody has different tastes in lingerie and this can be very personal to some people. Always bring what you are comfortable wearing, as being confident and comfortable has a big affect on the outcome of your images. It can be a simple lace bra & panty... to a full corset. We also encourage themed outfits that can tell a story, like a jersey, maids outfit, anything you think can be fun. Your welcome to bring props as well.

Where do you hold the boudoir sessions?
Since our work is primarily wedding photography, we don't hold the boudoir sessions in a studio. But we can bring the studio to you, including lighting and backgrounds. We do have the client provide the location to do the shoot, this can either be in your home, a friends home, or hotel. (or any location we can legally go to...lol). If your not sure on where you would like to do the session, we can let you know of some classy hotels that provide lots of photo opportunities.

Who will be there during the shoot?
We work as a husband and wife team, so it is usually both of us. However, since some women are not comfortable with a male photographer it can be arranged that only Christina is at the session. You can also bring a friend if it makes you more comfortable.

Do you post my photos on your website?
Since boudoir photography is of a personal nature, we do not post your photos to our website or use them in our advertising with out your written consent. The people who we feature on our website or blog do not mind having their photos displayed, and have given consent to do so.

How much does it cost?
We currently charge $200 + travel for a 1-2 hour boudoir session. During the session you can have as many wardrobe changes as time allows. :) This includes your high-resolution edited photos on DVD with printing release so that you can use them for whatever you like. We also offer a "little black book" that will hold 12 images for $50

If you would like to have your hair and make up professionally done, we can recommend someone for an additional charge.

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