Tuesday, March 16, 2010

www.lightinthebox.com Wedding Dress Review

I just wanted to share the website that I purchased my dress from. I was having a terrible time finding a wedding dress I could afford, that was my size (plus size), and would look good, at one point I gave up entirely and was going to walk down the isle and jeans and a t-shirt (people could tell the wedding planning had gotten to me...haha!)

The place I ordered my dress from was http://www.lightinthebox.com/. I was a little worried at first, because I had seen good and bad reviews about the website. But I ordered anyway, total of $205.00 including shipping and custom size.


It took about 2 months before I got my dress in the mail, so I would not order anything from them last minute. They do give you a time line to estimate how long it takes to make the dress + shipping.

You can read about the shipping here.

I wish I would have taken photos when I received the dress, it was the smallest box (maybe the size of a shoe box), and I thought "there's no way my dress fit in there". But it did, they vacuum lock your dress so that it fits. As you can guess, this did result in some wrinkles. I hung the dress up for a while in a steamy bathroom and they came out.

A downside, my dress did not have the inside ribbons so that it could hang from a hanger. I had to use the hangers you usually would use for pants/skirts with the clips to hang it.


The dress looked great, and fit perfect. I highly recommend paying the extra $20 to do a custom fit. I have read debates that actual sizes may be different because the dresses are made in a different country (a size 6 in china, might be smaller than a size 6 in usa), I don't know if its true, but I thought $20 was worth it not to worry I picked the wrong size. I also ordered a dress that ties, since I figured this would give me a way to let it out or tighten it. Mine tied on the sides but zipped up the back. You can also give them your height with heels (the ones you plan to wear w/ the dress), that way they can make sure the dress is long enough.


After looking it over, I think the dress was definitely worth the money paid. You could tell it was not a super high quality dress, but it was sewn together well, and the embroidery and fabric was very nice. I had contemplated buying a dress very similar in style and quality at a bridal shop for $1200, after being able to compare, I think I would have been disappointed if I paid that much.


The dress lasted through the whole wedding day, the only mishap was when I accidentally stepped on it (after deciding to switch to flats...which left the dress a few inches to long), and broke some of stitches that held the folds of bottom of the dress. I can't really hold that against them.


I can't guarantee everyone's experience will be as good as mine, and I did not need to return anything (seems to be the bulk of complaints). But I did want to let other brides know about the website and the experience I had there. Since our wedding, I've had some clients order from this website as well.

These are their dresses. :)

Thanks for reading, and I hope you find the perfect dress no matter where you get it!




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