Saturday, January 8, 2011

Tips for your Engagement Session

Location! Location! Location!
People always seem to get stuck when it comes to picking a spot to do their engagement photos. We have two suggestions.
1) Pick somewhere that is nice looking, and where you feel comfortable. If you’re shy, picking the busiest place in town might not work for you. And even though the local junk yard might sound fun and creative, it doesn’t give the most pleasant scenery.
2) Pick a location that reflects your personalities. If your gamers, try an arcade. If your artists, pick a museum (one that allows photos though). Or special locations, where you first met, are you high school sweat hearts? Etc

Remember, engagement photos are like going on a date together, only now you have the paparazzi following you around. 

- In photos, you are what you wear. Remember this when picking out your clothes.
- Bring different outfits – We usually suggest jeans & a dressier outfit
- Pick Complimentary clothes, beware tight clothes that can cause “muffin top” or baggy clothes that hide the figure.
- Coordinate your clothing with your partner. Pick solid colors, of the same tone. Go for both in black, or both in white, or both in light colors, or both in dark colors.
- Beware Texture - if one is wearing a shiny shirt, and the other is wearing rough material, it won't look good.
- Don’t forget shoes. Flip-flops & a cocktail dress won’t look right.
- We recommend nice black shoes or boots for guys, and boots, flats, or heels for girls. Girls bring walking shoes for in-between photos, walking a long time in heels is not fun.

What else to bring
- If your worried about your clothes bring a towel, you never know where we will have you sitting or laying.
- Flowers or 1 Flower, always makes for interesting props
- Bottled water to stay hydrated
- Breath mints and chap stick. You’ll be kissing…a lot. Avoid gum.
- A snack. Sometimes we can be out for 2 + hours, you might want a granola bar. 

- If you work all day and it makes you sweaty, please shower. “Most” of the time this is common sense, but it doesn’t always happen.
- Guys, you need to shave. If you have a moustache or goatee that is fine, but do a clean shave around them, make sure you get your neck too.
- Makeup – Most girls look better with a LITTLE makeup, a lot usually turns into a mess. Make sure when your applying foundation you smooth it all the way down your neck, to blend it. Having it stop at your neck shows up in photos.
- Translucent powder to remove shiny spots comes in handy, especially in this heat.
- Don’t try new makeup, lotion or get a facial right before your photo shoot. The last thing you want is a rash in your pictures.

- If you have engagement rings, we'll want you to feature them in the shots. If not, no biggie.
- Unless excessive jewelry is part of your overall look, then I would recommend keeping jewelry simple, elegant, and understated.
- Don't mix Golds with silvers. Class rings are fine.

Family or Pets
- It is perfectly fine to bring along your children or pets to be in the photos with you, just let us know before hand. If you can bring a friend who can take them back home after the photos, this way you won’t be distracted for the other pictures.

- Engagement photo sessions usually take around 2 hours. We schedule for 4 just in case. The best times are early morning (sunrise) or late evening (sunset), this is when the sun gives off the best color.

- We know many people are self-conscious about being photographed, and it can cause stress or worry. We will do everything we can to use angles, lighting, and posing techniques to flatter your figure and bring out your best look.

Romance and Passion
- The objective of this session is to capture the romance and love you have for each other; to memorialize your special look, and the passion that brought you both together. This is an opportunity to have fun with your sweetie, laugh, love each other, and be intimate. We're creating romance here, so think passion. An Engagement photo session with your partner is a special occasion. Make it fun, romantic, and memorable!


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